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The Calisthetics Games is an all-around sports competition that pits athletes against themselves and other athletes to be crowned The Greatest Athlete, while helping a new charity at each event. We Sweat, They Bet, Everyone Wins!

You bet that your athlete can win the Games, points are awarded for the position in which the competitor places in each event. The competitor with the most points at the end of all ten events is declared the champion with an added bonus of knowing that each Calisthetics Games produces a huge philanthropic impact.


Calisthetics® Games is an all-around sports competition to find and crown, "The Greatest Athlete". Points are awarded for the position in which the competitor places in each event. The competitor with the most points at the end of all ten events is declared the champion. The Games are a playing field where athletes are given a chance to distinguish themselves through a series of calisthenic and athletic events and test themselves against themselves while making a social impact for good.

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Competitors participate in a range of different sporting events to test their athleticism against the scientific tests of athleticism. The Calisthetics Games is on a Global tour that uses high-level athletic competition to produce a profound impact on various charities per event.


The Calisthetics Games is an all-around sports competition that pits elite athletes from different sports against one another in a series of scientific athletic tests including

Frequently Asked Questions

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Calisthetics® is asking the question,"How do you define athleticism?"for if we can define it, we can teach it and we can test for it.

Calisthetics® was created to answer a single question, "what makes an athlete?"—no other singular event or test of athleticism existed. From Crossfit to Triathlons, all other athletic events neglected to accurately test athleticism or find The Greatest Athlete. Even Crossfit, while testing a broad range of functional movements missed vital components of athleticism. The Calisthetics® Games are made up of a broad range of athletic tests. The goal is to be able to call yourself an athlete, not to produce an easily replicable workout program.

After each event, the competitor who is ranked first gains 10 points, the next best ranked gets 7, then 4, 2 and then finally 1 point. These points are then totalled up to give a total out of 80 (from a maximum of eight events).

Competitors participate in a range of different sporting events, which could include a obstacle course , a 100-yard dash/100m sprint, half mile (800 m) run, weightlifting and the 'Gym Tests'.

With an estimated global worth of 3.7 trillion and double-digit annual growth across all wellness sectors since 2010, the wellness industry is “one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries” today. Calisthetics Games allows you to be a part of this exciting industry through participation, partnership and sponsorship. Join us in making everyone an athlete, one person, one neighbourhood and one Games at a time while supporting a charitable cause per event. The winner of each Games gets to choose the charity where 100% of all raised funds will be given.

We are here to support you. The Calisthetics Games offers you, the athlete, Calisthetics a full, complimentary training program designed for athletes of all ages and all skill levels. We also give you complimentary access to the greatest athletic training programs available online to learn at your leisure wherever you may be in the world.

The Calisthetics Games is an incredible event to support! Come on down to your local Games and bring the entire fam down to - Tickets for the 2018 London MICE Edition can be reserved here: *Insert link to Eventbrite* Reach out to a registered calisthetics athlete for a promotional code that entitles you to free or discounted tickets now!

YES, The Calisthetics Games offers rewards, but not trophies as we believe that you should collect moments not awards. We provide the tools to keep your athletic pursuits alive and continue to chase progress not perfection. The Awards categories are: The Greatest Athlete, Female and Male. The Greatest Athletic Group, The Greatest Athletic Fundraiser ( individual and group) The Greatest Athletic Fundraising Firm.

Yes. The Calisthetics Games community is about being the best athlete you can be, physically as well as the best human you can be by giving back through philanthropic efforts. The fundraising minimums aren't just a promise to our beneficiaries....they're a promise to our athletes that everyone on the playing field has dedicated time and effort to achieving our mission. We ask you to think in terms of giving your best, always. We ask you to raise as much as you can just as we ask you to bring your best athletic self to The Games. Fundraising has the same formula as athletic endeavours : technique + effort = RESULTS. *Team Calisthetics fundraising minimum: £1,000 *Individual Calisthetics fundraising minimum: £500

Each team is two, three or four members.

To register a TEAM to compete in The Calisthetics Games, there is a one-time registration fee of £250

Yes, our coaches are always available to our athletes, Feel free to email



Charity starts at home, with you, the athlete. Lets explain.

Sports can be a diversion. Sports can be a hobby. And, for a fortunate few, sports can change the world. That is our aim. To change the world one sporting event at a time. The Calisthetics Games is looking to make a change one athlete and event at a time while producing a huge philanthropic impact on the world. Start with your friends and family, peers, colleagues and get them to support you on your mission to be the best athlete you can be and give to the chosen charity of the event. All our causes are in much need of your help, be proud of what you are doing and challenge yourself as an athlete and a human. Get your company to support their athletes in the Calisthetics Games, see if there is a way to start a company matching policy, or get a team together to help you at the Games and spread the word. Start with registering then tell as many people as you can about the mission and why you are getting involved. Know that you will need to chase progress, just as you do as an athlete. Everyone has their own struggle so be respectful and time and attention are precious commodities however you will do so much good by your efforts as a Calisthetics Athlete its worth the effort. Be strong in your convictions and knowledge that The Calisthetics Games gives 100% of the donations collected to the chosen charity. Your donors will want to know that their money is going to a good cause, and it always is. You create the sweat, they bet, we pay. Everyone Wins.

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Calisthetics Games - Making A Difference.

Athletes: Fundraise. Compete. Raise Funds. Donors: Make A Difference! Donate. Get Rewarded. Shop! Merchants: Support Athletes! Give Discounts. Acquire customers. Repeat Business! We Sweat, They Bet, Everyone Wins

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Step 1... Make Your Athlete Fundraiser Page Look Its Best Use a good picture of yourself, your cause or your team. Write a personal message to your potential donors explaining why their donations are needed and appreciated Include a call to action like “Donate today!”

Step 2 ... Reach Out to Personal Contacts Directly From Your Smartphone

Each Athlete is given a unique link that is easy to share with others. To start, share the link with at least ten potential donors including friends, family, neighbours and more. Simply send the link by text, email or however you normally communicate.

Step 3 ... Share Your Fundraiser On Facebook and Other Social Media

Reach out to a wider pool of potential donors via social media. When posting to social media add a personalized message with your link explaining why your fundraiser is so important to you. Encourage your followers to share your post. Post Frequent Updates Remember to include the call to action like “Please donate today!” Frequent updates serve as important reminders and keep connections alive to the people who are most likely going to donate. Always thank your donors, as soon as you can! Your donors are sharing their hard-earned money to help you accomplish something that is important to you.

Calisthetics, The Games and Creating Social Impact.

Creating social impact with sport events, that is the true goal of The Calisthetics Games. Find out